Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tripping Down The Rabbit Hole

                                             By Consuela
       Last night I was wondering what rabbit hole I was about throw myself down into as I  drove  through Jacksonville, Florida . The  rabbit trail ended up at Club Endo Exo 1224 Kings Avenue. The club itself  is  a little on the small side but don't let it fool you. The amount of  creativity in End Exo was enough to fill the Staples Center. The creativity part was fueled by The Infernal Doll Factory and their fans.  I stepped into Endo Exo  with IDF  and out of reality. The show IDF put on was Mad Science Tragedy and Taboo. The costumes right from the word go were amazing. It's a burlesque show but not like one you have ever seen. It was done tastefully  and with class. This wasn't one of those throw it together and see what happens shows. You can tell they take their time and carefully consider what they are presenting.  The show was a modern burlesque adaptation of the classic German legend of Faust and the Devil. Mix the legend of Faust in with a little of Rob Zombie  and you have pure originality. I am sure the Devil and Faust wouldn't be disappointed.  A burlesque show? I couldn't go to that. You would go running to it  if you saw this one. Imagine this if you will.....the music is pumping, drink in hand and on your right is the most exquisite woman you've ever seen in a latex nurse outfit. To your left  is a very  well dressed handsome young man all in black with multi colored dreads. The show on stage is something straight out of Rob Zombie's dreams. Here's the kicker .... everyone is actually nice. The only brooding  and contemplative looks from last night was when everyone was putting their costumes on before the show. If you want to take a trip down the rabbit hole and feel like Alice for a night I suggest this Endo Exo with Infernal Doll Factory and their fans. The whole thing had me waking up this morning knowing what happened and  wanting more. It was straight out of some movie. The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp, whatever you like or fancy to be for one night you'll find it or see it here. Come with an open mind and some kick ass  boots! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Love

                                                By Consuela

               A few weeks ago a beautiful light went out in my life. My brother and best friend died.  He will be missed.  After the pain and sorrow settled down I began to think about things. How short life really is. How little time we really have to be with the one's we love. In a quick snapshot of the world today we have people struggling to be free in the Mideast. We have new countries being formed in North Africa(Tunisia).  We have all kinds of struggles being fought, won, lost and relived. It's in your world, your town, your street and your house. It doesn't matter if your Muslim, Gay, Straight, Christian, Republican, Canadian, American, Tunisian or Egyptian. It's the human experience and welcome to it. It can be the most amazing thing in the world or the worst. Your choice and you make it everyday when you wake up. It's  like the magnet on my father's  refrigerator says "May I be the kind person my dog thinks I am".  But it's so much more than a magnet or cute saying. Live it, find it and  cherish it.  Take a moment to consider the other side of the tracks.  What if you weren't given opportunities like your neighbors because of how or what you believed?  What if the country you lived in didn't listen or hear you? What if they didn't even care?  What if the love of your life wasn't given the opportunity to say "I do" just because of how they were born or who they were? What if  you lived a life scorned because of who you were with? What if you were under persecution  because you believed in Muhammad and not Jesus? Or vice versa? What if you were laughed at because you wore traditional clothes from your country? What if people judged you based on the actions of others who believe like you? What if in one horrible day some mad men smeared your religion and way of life with violence? What if you no matter hard you fought you weren't given a chance? What if you got turned down for jobs because English wasn't your first language?  What if you were like that? What if you were that person? What if you were clouded by your own prejudices?  What if you let your own narrow sightedness keep you from the most wonderful relationships in your life? What if you do that?  Take a moment and think. Does it matter what that person in your mirror looking back at you  believes?  Does it matter what or who you love?  Beneath all the makeup, clothes and labels is someone out there just like you. They're brushing their teeth  and washing their face. They are  looking in the mirror and past it. They're looking for someone just like you are. They are looking for that one person to be a friend, a brother,  or sister. Will you reach out and find a reflection of yourself in them? It's your choice. I pray you  make the right one. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real Freedom?

                                                                      By Consuela

           In the 1500's Europeans fled religious, finical and personal persecution to come to America. Although not at that time immigrants were allowed to exercise their freedoms. In fact, the colonist believed in their freedom from tyrannical empires so much that in 1776 the U.S. Constitution was signed. Suddenly America became a light for all those seeking freedom. This is what all immigrants saw when coming into Ellis Island "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me".   Fast forward to 2011, with that kind of start to a country you would think it would be the most modern, progressive and accepting society. You'd be wrong.  America has become a bastion for capitalists closed minded self-aggrandizing money grubbing whores. Americans have  shown the world how great it can be in the land of opportunity. Of course unless, your African-american (until Dr. King) , Mexican-American, Muslim or Gay. How sad it is.  Before I continue let me say this, I love America, I love the possibilities it offers. Americans have seen their country  repeal Britain, beat Hitler, help birth Israel  and  demolish Saddam Hussein.  Great as that may be we have also seen our brothers and sisters become stepped on, passed over and  abused. If your gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans-gendered good luck. The LGBT community has been shown the door literally. How many times have our voices been quelled? How many times have you been pushed aside because of being who you are? It's not because of what you wear or who you are. The American attitudes towards the LGBT community  has been set like the cart path was. It has taken years of "we're right" and "your wrong" attitudes for people like Matthew Shepard to be killed and people feel good about it. It's terrible and sad. It's out right criminal. The absolute fact that we are judged on how we are and not who we are is a smear on the Constitution and all of our civil liberties. Where is America going?   Last week the English have decided that martial rights  are the right of all people. Regardless of creed or sex the English have decided you have the right to marry whoever you want. Bravo! Not just because of the LGBT  implications but because of the example it sets. Bravo Brits! America should sit down shut up and take notes. Live free and be yourself but, if you want to be married to your partner regardless of who they are better book a ticket to London.  America the ball is in your court. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart On My Sleeve

                                        By Consuela

      I've been called a freak. I can live with that. I also have been called a fagot, a loser and whatever else you can think of. I know what I am and what I am not. Cross-dressing and dressing is so much more than just putting on a skirt and dancing around. I honestly don't even see tags  anymore. It's not even about wearing woman's clothes.  I told a friend that it was about expression for me. I could wear dungarees and a tee but that's just not me. I love color and those boys clothes just don't have it sister. It's all about expression. Clothes are the paints and my body  is the palette.Hey if you can do it with a cool teeshirt and jeans go for it. I love doing it with all the colors of the rainbow. For 28 years of my life I was a victim of blue. Blue colors, blue feelings and blue denim. trust me blue denim can be a girl's best friend but everyday will kill anyone.  I decided to break free. Just like my good buddy Freddie Mercury sang about. Sister, it's time to breathe! That's exactly what I did. So long blue hello rainbows. It's intensely personal for me. I am sure for you out there it is the same way. Whether you've been hiding in the closet or strutting down the street it's personal.  It's my heart I wear on my sleeve and the rest of my body. I love life and life loves me. Why shouldn't I be proud of who I am and how I look. I stopped pleasing people and started to make myself happy. What could be more tragic than living a life not worth living? I couldn't think of anything worse can you? I love showing people that I am an individual. It's about courage, faith, love and hope. It takes faith to know it will work out. It takes courage to be who your are.  Finally, it takes a love for yourself to do what your heart wants. Back in line you sheep I'm stepping out! Whether that courage is tight leather pants and a Versace top with black boots or just yoga pants,a tee and sneakers. I love it and you should too.  Have faith all, we were put were for one purpose and that was to live it too the fullest. You shouldn't have to hide behind facades of bullshit to be happy. Step out and have confidence in knowing that your amazing. 

Friday, February 11, 2011


               Welcome to Always Proud. This isn't just about cross dressers here. It's for all in the GLBT community. I couldn't imagine a better fate then the one that has been laid before my feet. I will never be ashamed of who I am or what I do. So.. I cross-dress so what? I'm not killing people, doing drugs or driving drunk.  If I do it right then I should actually be adding to the beauty of the world.  My very best friend told me to never ever be ashamed of who I am. in his words " Be yourself" You know what? He's right! Be proud, be counted. Love yourself for who you are. Don't be ashamed.   No one will ever do you like you do. Be proud, bold and live free